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Finishing of a terrace gets, nowadays, more and more problematical, in view of great choice of finishing materials offered by the market. This pint makes us faced with a dilemma: stone or ceramics - or, perhaps, wood? Someone can say: it is a question of taste, and there is no arguing about taster… and we do subscribe to this opinion.

But... what kind of material - excepting the wood - can create such unique climate and air? The wood gives you feeling of warmth, homeliness and serenity; and yet our terrace is a place to reassure us after a day of tiring work in spring and summer. It is the terrace where we look for alleviation. Its is the spot where we meet our family and friends, where we escape in order to think over our everyday problems and troubles.

Dear Customer, consider your choice of the adequate material for your terrace to be finished, as it is the inseparable part of your HOME, which is your specific location on the Earth.

Exoline - Bangkirai line board is from Indonesia. This sort is heavy and very hard, and therefore resistant to atmospherical changes such as sun, rain or snow.

Colouring of the wood is very warm: yellow-brown, with a slight shade of orange , looks most beautifully in the sun.

In the Exoline offer, also the Cumaru board and the larch board are available.

Terrace boards are available with the following dimensions:

Bangkirai board:

19 x 90 x 1800 - 4000 mm - one-sidedly riffled Bangkirai - Deska tarasowa

21 x 145 x 1800-4000 mm - both- sidedly riffled Bangkirai - Deska tarasowa

Bangkirai joist:

45 x 70 mm - one-sidedly riffled

Cumaru board:

21 x 145 x 800-4000 mm - both-sidedly riffled Bangkirai - Deska tarasowa

Larch board:

28 x 140 x 3000 mm - both-sidedly riffled Bangkirai - Deska tarasowa

Larch joist:

45 x 70 x 3000 mm - one-sidedly riffled