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Exotic Wood - Exo Line
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EXO LINE products are, first of all, exotic floor, but from year to year, successively, our offer gets larger and larger by now products. At present, we offer mats, as well, to be used as both floor and decorative material, and open-work baskets.

Thanks to teak wood used to make Exoline products, the mats are ideally suitable as to be used in bathrooms, without fear for quick wear, and, in view of their honey-brown colour, the interior with the mats gets much homelier.

Application of another sort of wood - palisander or Indian rosewood, with its surprising colouring, makes t it possible to create a surprising designer's effect. Additional wax protection to the surface of the mat prevents the wood from discolouring.

EXOTIC FURNITURE - soon in our offer!

The augury of total novelty will consist in furniture. Full offer of furniture: soon.

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