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Exoline products are clearly situated in the range of unrepeatable colouring and aesthetical values of wooden floors. Originality of these "exotic" things consists, first of all, in colouring, quite different than that of country sorts. Thanks to a rich "palette" of colours, beginning with various shades of brown, red, orange, yellow, and also green, purple and black colours, giant possibilities of interior space arrangement arise. Additionally, out-of-type dimensions of the elements, most often in the form of a board, make it possible to create a more roomy and "limpid" interior. An unimpairable advantage of some exotic wood sorts are their physical and mechanical properties, which affect usability values of such surfaces. The wood of certain sorts proves more "stable" than the wood of practically- known domestic sorts. Owing to the same, these sorts are employed in such areas as bathrooms, winter gardens, kitchens or outside terraces.


Wood of exceptional colour, wonderfully emphasizing the nature of each interior. Aesthetics and functionality.

Teak wood is a "classical " sort among exotic wood sorts. Owing to its properties, it can be laid even in bathrooms.

Special Offer

Currently, we offer floor boards and battens of the Doussie exotic wood sort in promotion.

Our promotions refer, as well, to selected sorts of industrial mosaics inlay patterns, among other things - MERBAU.
Please see our full promotional offer. Each month - a new offer.

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