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The Atlantic coastline, 7400 km long, with beautiful, endless beaches - is the reason for Brazilians' pride. Metropolia, pulsating with life, where the climate of modernity is mixed with the echoes of the past. Ever-green, primitive rainforests of the Amazon Woodlands, giant waterfalls and - obviously - the Carnival, make Brazil the country of exceptional nature. See our photo news on our excursion to that beautiful country.

See our photo news on our excursion to Brazil.


Indonesia is the largest insular country in the world. This charming archipelago makes a bridge between two continents: Asia and Australia, surrounded with Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean waters. Diversified and picturesque landscapes of Indonesia consist of green plains, rice fields, and of dark and luxuriant rainforests, full of unique species of plants and animals.

See our photo news on our excursion to Indonesia.


Natural flora system, typical for Guinea, is composed ofhumid equatorial rainforests, being gradually changed to gallery forests and then savanna to the north. See our photo news reporting our expedition to Guinea.


Afryka - the world's second-largest continent, area of 30 316 million cu. km ,i.e. 20,3% of the total land area of our Globe. Inhabited by 14% of the Earth population, i.e. 950 millions people (2008). Africa is said to be originally situated as it is crossed by the Zero Meridian, both Tropics and the Equator.


Asia is the world's largest and most populous continent, chiefly situated in the eastern and northern hemispheres, excepting a portion of the Malay Archipelago in the southern hemisphere. The large meridional extension of the Asia continent implies its presence in all the climatic zones on the Globe: Arctical ( Northern Polar Zone), Subarctical, Cold Moderate, Warm Moderate, Subtropical, Tropical ,Subequatorial and Equatorial (Southern).

Apart from the zonal division, the basic constituents of climate in various parts of Asia are: distance from seas and oceans, elevation above the sea level, high mountain chains, acting as climatic screens, and - typical for eastern and southern areas - monsoon circulation, which significantly increases humidity in summer.


South America is a continent, situated in the western hemisphere, bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the west and by the Atlantic Ocean on the east. The total area South America: 17. 8 mln sq. Km. Both Americas have been also named "The New World" by Europeans.