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The mosaic inlay is nothing but narrow and short planks laid in vertical rows to form the so-called "slices". Another, commonly used, name fort the mosaic inlay is "industrial parquet".

Mosaics, like the parquet or boards, are of universal application. Most of them is- thanks to their properties and technical specifications - good for bathrooms, for instance, teak, lapacho, doussie or iroko. It is also a good material for public-use buildings, excluding teak as somewhat "too soft". They can be good alternatives for parquet, e.g. in a bathroom or in a lounge.

Mosaics can be laid, as a rule, in each room of our house. They can be composed with ceramic tiles, to gain a very interesting final effect.

Mosaics are, most frequently, offered with the following dimensions: (thickness x width x length)

10 x 23 x 220 mm (e.g. wenge)
14 x 10 x 220 mm (e.g. afromosia)
14 x 20 x 200/300 mm (e.g. merbau)
15 x 15/18,5 x 280 mm (e.g. ipe / lapacho)

The way of finishing to the laid mosaic is, positively, a question of taste and we leave the decision to you. Lacquer? Or perhaps oil? Oil? Or perhaps lacquer?

 Cabrueva Dorada Ipe / Lapacho Ipe / Lapacho Teak